HYDRO-SEALS, the expandable hydrophilic profiles

Our Hydro-seals expandable hydrophilic profiles are designed to inflate up to ten times the normal volume when they get in contact with water and/or other water solutions with a 7 to 12 PH value, thus forming a gasket that prevents water or other liquids from entering or leaking. They are available in multiple sizes, cross-sections, hardness, and colours to better adapt to the wide range of applications.

When the Hydro-Seals expandable hydrophilic profiles are no longer in contact with water, they shrink until they regain their original size. This expansion and contraction process can be repeated infinite times, as the hydrophilic TPE composites maintain their structural integrity over time, unlike traditional Bentonite-based products, which must be periodically replaced, as they tend to break due to wear.

Our Hydro-Seals expandable hydrophilic profiles are manufactured with a special and innovative formulation of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), a polymer known for its excellent resistance against the aggressive action of alkaline and acid solutions, ageing, brackish water, weather agents, degradation resulting from the exposure to sunlight, ozone, and chemicals contained in the air and groundwater. Moreover, they are environmentally-friendly and 100% recyclable.

HYDRO-SEALS expandable hydrophilic profiles are mainly used in the following industries:

Dams, tunnels, tanks, hydraulic and electric plants, tank towers, sewage treatment plants, ducts, bulkheads, diaphragms, swimming pools, terraces, etc.

Sealing parts for vehicles (headlights, openable roof, cable sealing).

For stopping and sealing water. In some cases, hydrophilic profiles are mounted around complex structures.

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