SELF-LUBRICATING 01-autolubrificante Friction, creep, and wear occur between moving parts in multiple applications: supports, pins, sliding guides, etc. The use of self-lubricating engineering plastics allows us to replace metal and ceramics, which are traditionally used for most components that have to resist against friction and wear. This allows for considerable advantages in terms of costs, assembly, and manufacture.

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Aeronautics, automotive, food industry, bottling industry, ceramics, glass, and paper industries, handling, transport Industrial applications Sliding and guide profiles, custom profiles
STRUCTURAL 02-strutturali The use of structural engineering plastics in the manufacture of profiles and tubes makes the replacement of metal a concrete opportunity for designers, who want to combine the intrinsic advantages of polymers with easy transformation and design flexibility. Structural engineering plastics provide high dimensional stability, and rigidity. They ensure excellent mechanical performance, even under extreme stress and high temperatures, thanks to reinforcements, such as glass fibre and high-tenacity carbon fibre. Aeronautics, automotive, railway, handling, transport Industrial applications High mechanical performance profiles and tubes. Often used as an alternative to metal profiles
ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE 03-conduttivo The majority of polymers used to manufacture profiles and extruded tubes provides intrinsic electrical insulation. This feature can lead to the accumulation of static electricity, which is discharged to the ground with the formation of sparks and arcs, which could cause explosions in an explosive atmosphere. Thermoplastic polymers, specifically modified to obtain conductive products featuring a resistivity ranging between 10 and 1012 Ohm. Office machines, electronics, material handling, military, transport, photovoltaic panels creation of profiles, gaskets, foil, and tubes with dissipative characteristics and protection systems against electromagnetic interference (EMI)
THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE 04-alte-basse-temperature Thermally conductive polymers feature high heat transfer efficiency compared to the conductivity values of ordinary engineering plastics. These products allow the elimination of the heat produced, for example, by electric and electronic devices, thereby promoting heat transfer both by conduction and natural convection. Available both in electrically insulating and conductive versions. electronics, biomedicine, industrial material handling, military, transport creation of profiles, gaskets, foil, and tubes, which transfer and/or disperse heat quickly
BIOMEDICAL 05-medicale Our Hydro-seals expandable hydrophilic profiles are designed to inflate up to ten times the normal volume when they get in contact with water and/or other water solutions with a 7 to 12 PH value, thus forming a gasket that prevents water or other liquids from entering or leaking.

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Costructions: Dams, tunnels, tanks, hydraulic and electric plants, tank towers, sewage treatment plants, ducts, bulkheads, diaphragms, swimming pools, terraces, etc.
Automotive: Sealing parts for vehicles (headlights, openable roof, cable sealing).
Naval: For stopping and sealing water. In some cases, hydrophilic profiles are mounted around complex structures.
Custom profiles, tubes
HIGH CHEMICAL RESISTANCE 06-tubi-resist-chimica Tubes and profiles that can maintain high physical and mechanical properties in applications that involve continuous contact with a wide range of acids, bases, hydrocarbons, organic solvents and/or exposed to radiations. Petroleum, construction, industrial, aeronautics, automotive Custom tubing, ducts, and profiles
FOOD GRADE AND DRINKING WATER 07-profili-alimentare Tubes and profiles for applications that involve contact with food and drinking water. These products are made with select raw materials suitable for the intended use, in compliance with the applicable standards in force (FDA 21 CFR 170-199, EU Regulation 10/2011 and/or EC Regulation 1935/2004), and follow a special production cycle to minimise any type of contamination.

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Food and bottling industry, cosmetic industry Sliding and guide profiles, custom profiles, tubes
SELF-EXTINGUISHING 08-autoestinguente Profiles and/or tubes made with flame retardant polymers prevent the development of fire and interrupt or slow down combustion processes. This way, they help protect human lives, property, and the environment. 90% of self-extinguishing products are UL certified and meet the criteria of standards UL94 (flame resistance), UL746B (thermal resistance), and UL746A (electrical properties). Aeronautics, automotive, public transport, industrial, construction, door and window fittings, electric and electronic equipment Profiles and seals, even made of the coextruded variant
HIGH AND LOW TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE 09-temperatura-tubi The use of special engineering plastics allows us to make profiles and tubes that maintain high mechanical properties even under extreme temperatures (-60 °C / +300 °C). Food industry, home appliances, industrial machinery Sliding profiles, guides, gaskets, tubes
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